Miami Underwater Cleaning will remove the growth on your vessel with the most professional care, protecting valuable property.


Our professionals take care of your vessel like it’s their own, and protecting your anti-fouling paint layer as much as they can. 


· Protection of your vessel and gel coat

· Lower fuel consumption

· Faster acceleration

· Higher top speed

· Lower ‘out the water’ maintenance

Keep a nice and smooth hull surface to:

·  Lower resistance, a smoother sail

· Lower fuel consumption

· Better acceleration; higher top speeds

· Protection of gel coat

· Protect engines from overheating

· Quicker anti-fouling paint job when out of water

· Clear through hull fittings, prevent engine overheating

Hull Cleaning
Cleaning Frequency

Miami waters require the anti-fouling to be cleaned regularly. The warm waters are very conducive to fast growth.


Miami Underwater Cleaning provides yearly maintenance contracts. The frequency of cleaning depending on the season, the temperature of the water and the state of the anti-fouling. See ‘maintenance plans’ for more information.


We offer:

· One time clean-ups

· Maintenance plans

· A written quote and inspection (see picture examples)

· Parts replacement