An estimated 20% better fuel efficiency by having a clean propeller and hull. Protect your boat, keep maintenance cost low and increase performance. The south Florida waters are blue and warm, however, they create an excellent environment for marine life to settle on the hull of your beautiful investment.

Cleaning your under water ship protects your boat from Barnacles and other growth on your hull, propeller and through hull fittings:

 Lower resistance, a smoother sail

 Lower fuel consumption

 Better acceleration; higher top speeds

 Protection of gel coat

 Quicker anti-fouling paint job when out of water

 Clear through hull fittings, prevent engine overheating


Miami Underwater Cleaning provides the following services:

 Barnacle removal, hull cleaning and inspection

 Propeller cleaning and inspection

 Zinc inspection

 Maintenance plans


All cleanings include:

 One time clean-ups

 Maintenance plans

 A written quote and inspection

 Parts replacement